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GNSS - Societal dependence

GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) is the default standard service for Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) applications. These services are so seamlessly integrated into our daily lives that we sometimes forget how much we rely on them. We have now come to such a point that GNSS is being readily applied in applications for autonomous transport, the electrical power grid, international money transfers and mobile communication networks. All critical applications. As a consequence, failure of the GNSS service may have severe impact.


Centre of Excellence (CoE) is a collective of reputable companies with extensive GNSS expertise.

We support the development of GNSS applications both in the design definition phase, as well in the validation phase of these applications. The GNSS-CoE brings vast collected experience and expertise to help you develop critical GNSS applications that exploit the GNSS' ease of use and correctly compensate for their failures.


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We add value to your product

Test and qualification

With the test and qualification service the CoE helps customers to analyze, test and qualify their GNSS products, applications, or systems. A GNSS system or component is tested against requirements as set by the customer, or against industry standards. The CoE tests GNSS performance under real-life conditions, including jamming, spoofing and multipath.

The risk and research

The service provides the customer with insights on GNSS quality of service for the past, present and the near future . The service monitors and predicts the quality of the GNSS signals in relation to specific applications;

  • Autonomous transport applications are informed in real-time about the signal quality.
  • Predictive data can be used for mission planning purposes.
  • The use of historical information provides insight in the quality of GNSS signal, for example in case of (near) accidents.


The CoE provides customers with a front desk for all GNSS concerns and questions. The CoE:

  • Performs GNSS vulnerability research.
  • Teaches masterclasses about the vulnerability and conscious use of GNSS.
  • Provides awareness: demonstrations to show the use and threats of GNSS.
  • Provides GNSS application development support.

Interference monitoring

This service provides interference monitoring solutions to detect local interference. The CoE designs, implements and hosts interference detection systems. The interference monitoring network is able to monitor the operational status of GNSS, analyze the radio frequency spectrum quality, and detect disturbances as jamming, spoofing or due to bad solar weather conditions.


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Navigate To The Future:

Discover how space data impacts society and creates new business

Space activities and data can help accelerate startups and SMEs, enable innovation within corporations and empower policy makers. But where to start? NL Space Campus joins forces with GNSS CoE, ESA and DotSpace to organise the Navigate to the Future event: an interactive afternoon at Space Expo where you’ll discover the opportunities of GNSS, Navigation and Earth Observation that help you get ahead of the crowd!

Space Expo. Keplerlaan 3, 2201 AZ Noordwijk, Netherlands

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